Catskill Mountain Flower Essences

A Brief Definition of All Our Essences




(We are in the process of adding more essences to our list so please check back soon.)

Essences which are available either individually or as part of one of our sets are noted. See the appropriate set for more comprehensive definitions of those essences.

ANGELICA (also in Expansion II Set) Angelic connection. Brings physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. Helps us to open to our connection with the Angelic Realm so that the guidance, presence and protection of angels becomes our personal experience.

APPLE (also in Sexual Healing Set) For detoxification and cleansing of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Helps to integrate the physical and spiritual when they are seen as separate, especially it relation to sexuality.

ASH (also in Expansion I Set) For flexibility, strength and openness. Helps to soften and relax the physical body so that it becomes easier to integrate the shifts that occur while going through change and transition.

BASIL For integration of sexuality with spirituality and love. Helps heal the split that can cause distortion in one’s relationship to sexuality, such as when there is a sexual attraction to degradation or objectification of self or other.

BEARDTONGUE Softens verbal expression. Helps one speak with clear intent from the heart. Excellent for those who sometimes speak harshly and then regret it.
BELL PEPPER For maintaining peace and clarity within oneself during stressful times and overwhelming situations.

BLACKBERRY (also in Prosperity Set) For grounding spiritual energy so that we can bring our dreams and visions into form. Helps us overcome the inertia and sluggishness that results when our physicality needs to 'catch up' with our spirit. .

BLACK-EYED SUSAN For unconditional love, first for self, then extending to all. Helps create judgment-free safety needed to face and process past traumas.

BLEEDING HEART (also in Well Being I Set - used in combination with Wild White Bleeding Heart) A heart healer on all levels. Helps us process heartbreak and grief (past and present) by bringing us into vibrational harmony with Universal Love. Helpful with all emotionally-based issues including dependency in relationships.

BLOODROOT (also in Expansion I Set) For purification, restoration, and revitalization. Helps us perceive that which we have judged in ourselves with the clarity of the spiritual eye and the love of the heart. Activates heart chakra.

BLUEBERRY (also in Expansion I Set) For maintaining a strong and conscious connection with ourselves, our Divinity, and the Divinity of the Earth.

BLUE COHOSH (also in Sexual Healing Set) For giving birth to Self. For assisting in the process of coming to know oneself as an expanded spiritual being while still fully physical

BLUE FLAG IRIS (part of ‘Iris’ combination in Prosperity Set) For receiving inspiration. Opens the channels so that creativity can flow and Divine inspiration can be made manifest. Helps us live consciously as a bridge between spirit and matter.

BLUET (also in Prosperity Set) Brings the energy of joy, innocence and simplicity. Helps us to lift our vibration and open us to the peace and purity of everlasting Truth.

BORAGE (also in Well Being II Set) For courage, encouragement, and lifting our spirits. Borage uplifts and encourages us to take heart, to live from the heart and to trust life's process.

BROCCOLI For maintaining one's sense of personal power when bombarded by outside forces.

BURDOCK For letting go of heart armor. "It's safe to have an open heart."

BUTTERCUP For self-esteem and self-appreciation. Helps us let go of judging ourselves by external standards so we can recognize and express our True Selves.

CALIFORNIA POPPY For centering and balance during the sometimes confusing periods during spiritual unfolding and awakening. For embodying the Truth that the God we seek resides within our own hearts.

CELANDINE Helps in the process of clearly receiving, and clearly articulating, information from physical and non-physical sources. Activates the throat chakra.

CHAMOMILE For calming and soothing. Use whenever there is a need to let down and relax. Increases receptivity to Divine Energy, so it is excellent for meditation. Can be very helpful for insomnia.

CHERRY Brings energy and vitality to the body, mind, and spirit. Opens the channels for inspiration and clarity of purpose.

CHICORY Helps us shift away from resistance to life’s challenges, to the realization that the human experience is a spiritual journey, which will provide us with all the lessons we need to unfold into our True Selves.

CHIVES Helps bring male and female (active/receptive) energies into balance in both men and women, so that creative inspiration can be received, and brought into form.

CHRYSANTHEMUM For mid-life crises, fear of aging and over-identification with the material world. Helps to create a conscious Higher Self connection which ushers in spiritual perspective and peace.

CLEMATIS Brings pragmatism to those who tend to live in dreams and visions. Helpful for improving one’s ability to break things down into doable steps. Can help bring us back to the moment when we ‘space out’.

CLIMBING ROSE For the expansion and filling up that inevitably comes after releasing pain, sorrow and grief from the heart.

CLINTONIA (also in Well Being I Set) For stabilization while going through the process of expanding and shifting consciousness. Aids in breaking up and dispersing the limiting thoughtforms that are inappropriate to the new state.

COLTSFOOT (also in Prosperity Set) Manifesting from Source. For connecting to your place of power. Fosters the capacity to create harmony between the power of your desire, and the belief that you can fulfill it.

COMFREY (also in Well Being I Set) Helps to release trauma from present and past life situations from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Can also be used as a stress valve for highly charged states.

CORN For grounding and stabilizing, especially during times of change. Helps people maintain a connection to nature and a spiritual link to the earth when living in crowded conditions such as cities.

COSMOS (also in Well Being II Set) For speaking one’s truth from the heart, clearly and fearlessly. Activates heart and throat chakras.

CRAB APPLE Helps to clear shame, especially of the physical body. Excellent for detoxification on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Helps one to accept the imperfections of the physical plane and perceive a Higher Purpose to physical existence.

CREEPING BELLFLOWER (also in Sexual Healing Set) Helps to clear fear-based beliefs about sexuality. Brings Light to the sexual chakras which opens the way to a reunion of the spiritual and sexual.

CROCUS Fosters the experience of safety so we can tap into the courage to face our pain in order to process and release it.

CROWN VETCH For ''Letting go and letting God'. Activates the crown chakra and assists in opening to higher vibrations.

CUCUMBER Brings life force and vitality to help pull us out of a depressed or dejected state.

DAFFODIL (also in Expansion II Set) Assists us in hearing the voices of our Guides and Higher Self. Activates crown chakra. Excellent for meditation.

DAISY For focus and integration when receiving potentially overwhelming amounts of information from different sources, including other levels of reality.

DANDELION (also in Well Being I Set) Deep cleansing and release of tension and emotional history stored in the physical and energetic bodies.

DAY LILY Balances body, mind, emotions, and spirit through the heart. Fosters the experience of feeling centered, connected and whole.

DILL For reclaiming and maintaining our power after giving it away. Supports us in letting go of the ‘victim stance’ and realizing that self-empowerment is dependent on our willingness to accept self-responsibility.

DOGWOOD Assists in softening and releasing body contraction due to trauma or abuse. Helps to create space for the reintroduction of life force and vitality.

ECHINACEA For reintegration of self after trauma or abuse. Helps bring the energy bodies and the physical body into alignment so one feels present and 'in life.'

ELDER Brings the wisdom and clarity needed to help overcome confusion and indecision. Helps us see to the ‘heart’ of the matter.

ELDER MOON (also in Sexual Healing Set) For breaking the pattern of moving forward into sexuality for other than self-loving reasons. Helps one align with their inner directives in relation to sexuality rather than outer demands or expectations.

EVENING PRIMROSE (also in Well Being I Set) Assists in healing trauma that has caused a feeling of disconnection between body and soul. Helps brings body and soul into balanced union. Initiates a rebirth into ‘I AM‘.

FEVERFEW Helps break up embedded emotions such as rage, fear, and deep distrust so they can be processed and released. Can be helpful when such emotions result in headaches.

FIREWEED (also in Expansion I Set) Helps illuminate and ultimately break outmoded patterns by bringing Light into the physical body and insight into the conscious mind.

FORGET-ME-NOT For connecting and communicating with the non-physical world. Also for emotional processing and releasing in the dream state.

FORSYTHIA Catalyst for change. Brings the energy and inspiration to create and move through changes necessary for the evolution of the soul.

FOXGLOVE (also in Well Being II Set) Helps us rebalance after being destabilized by rapid growth and expansion. Soothes the nerves and aligns the energy bodies. Also helps to clear mental static and confusion.

GOLDENROD (also in Well Being II Set) Helps us maintain our connection to our True Selves when pulled by outside influences. Reinforces the vertical connection to Source rather than the horizontal connection to the illusions of the world. Also helpful for allergies.

HAWTHORN (also in Well Being I Set) For self love. Helps to reinstate a loving and considerate relationship to oneself. Assists in replenishing life force and personal power when one has been doing, or giving, to the point of depletion or exhaustion.

HEART'S EASE Supports healing of the heart on all levels.

HOLLY (also in Well Being I Set) Helps shift us from unloving states caused by the illusions of lack and limitation. Aligns us with the truth of Infinite Supply and Universal Love.

HONEYSUCKLE (also in Expansion I Set) For releasing our attachment to the past and softening our resistance to change so that we can flow more easily with our natural impulses toward ever-increasing levels of expansion.

JOE PYE WEED (also in Expansion II Set) Supports us in filling our own cup before we give our energy to others. Teaches us to lighten our load from over-responsibility and stress so that we may return to light-heartedness and joy.

LADY’S SLIPPER (also in Expansion II Set) Helps us ground and integrate high-vibrational energy so that we are empowered by it, rather than being overwhelmed and unbalanced by it.

LARKSPUR For cultivating the quality of true leadership that comes from the highest desire to serve. Helps balance distortions such and being overly controlling with, or responsible for, others.

LAVENDER (also in Well Being II Set) Brings emotional balance and Higher Self connection. Helps us to integrate input we are receiving through the crown chakra so that we don’t feel disoriented and overloaded by it. Excellent for meditation and Divine centering.

LILAC Helps to relax the energy affecting the back and spine. Aligns the chakras. Makes us more receptive to Light and to the exchange of energy between people and nature. Excellent for body workers.

LILY OF THE VALLEY Brings simplicity, innocence and openness. For 'seeing with the eyes of a child’ and nurturing an appreciation for ‘beginner’s mind’.

MAGNOLIA (also in Expansion II Set) Helps us assimilate more Light into our bodies and energy fields so that we are more able to experience ourselves as physical manifestations of God.

MALLOW Eases mid-life crises and associated fears of aging. Helpful during puberty as well as male and female menopause.

MARIGOLD For "clear hearing" on a physical and spiritual level. Increases receptivity to what is beyond the literal meaning of words. For being present with another and listening with the heart.

MARSH MARIGOLD (also in Expansion II Set) Brings the Golden Light of Divine Love into the darkest corners of our being, lighting places where we have forgotten that we are One with God.

MILKWEED For assisting with addictions of all kinds. Supports a return from external dependency to one‘s inner resources and connection to Divine Source.

MIMOSA (also in Well Being II Set) Holds a strong vibration of joy which dispels negativity and helps to keep us from being consumed by the fear and anxiousness so prevalent in the world at this time.

MORNING GLORY Brings energy, vitality and ' openness to life.' Helps us break nervous habits and relax our physical and energetic bodies so we can take in more life force. Helpful for insomnia.

MOTHERWORT Divine Mother Energy and inner child healing. Kindles loving relationship with one's inner child, especially when the child has been disowned due to a distorted relationship with one‘s mother. Activates heart chakra.

MULLEIN For experiencing the power and joyfulness of God within us, and around us, as we walk through our daily lives.

MULTIFLORA ROSE For opening to Unconditional Love. Activates the heart through the crown chakras. For experiencing the Love of Heaven here on Earth.

NASTURTIUM Brings energy and vitality back to the body when one tends to be very mental or has been working on a project that required great mental focus.

OAK (also in Expansion I Set) Assists us in balancing strength with receptivity and tenacity with knowing when to let go. Provides support for changing the pattern of driving ourselves beyond our limits.

ONION Liquid therapy. Helps peel off the layers to get to the core of an issue. Excellent to use in conjunction with any therapeutic process.

PEONY (also in Expansion I Set) Helps to raise our vibration and lift us into the Light. Infuses the energy field with Light and transmutes dense energies so the physical body can take in more Light.

PERIWINKLE Helps to break up and clear congealed energy relating to past memories. Assists in lifting the weight of despondency and depression.

PINE (also in Expansion II Set) Brings gentleness, loving-kindness, insight and grounded clarity when we find ourselves caught in the illusions of self-rejection and self-hatred.

PLUM (also in Prosperity Set) Helps to clear feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem which sabotage our ability to create a life of choice. Brings Divine inspiration and vitality which ignite motivation and strengthen personal power.

PURPLE FLOWERING RASPBERRY (also in Sexual Healing Set) Clears the energetic channel between the heart and the sexual and reproductive organs. Can be very beneficial for healing a split between one’s heart and one’s sexual expression.

PURPLE LOOSESTRIFE Grounding and stabilizing for those who tend to float away into spiritual experiences. Activates and strengthens first three chakras.

PURPLE NIGHTSHADE Calming and soothing when frazzled by pushing oneself too hard, especially when using stimulants.

PURPLE VIOLET (also in Expansion I Set) Assists us in overcoming the fear and resistance associated with expressing our True Selves and fulfilling our soul’s purpose. Helps overcome the fear that openness equals self-loss and self-damage.

QUEEN ANNE'S LACE For ‘clear seeing’ on the physical and spiritual levels. Promotes grounded psychic opening. Activates sixth and seventh chakras.

QUINCE (also in Well Being II Set) Helps unify and reconcile the splits in someone’s belief system such as between love and power, doing and being, and mind and heart.

RASPBERRY For forgiveness of self and others. Helps heal resentment, bitterness and blame. Holds the Truth that there is a higher purpose to all things and when we keep the past alive, we continue to suffer from it. Clears the way for emotional and spiritual freedom.

RED CLOVER Helps one stay centered in emotionally charged group situations such as family crises, political demonstrations or natural disasters.

RED ELDER (also in Well Being II Set) For strength, grounding on all levels, and bringing our body and soul into union. For the physical embodiment of the spiritual force.

RED HIBISCUS (also in Sexual Healing Set) For integrating and clearing memories of physical, emotional and sexual abuse from present and past life situations. For reclaiming warmth and vitality in the physical body and sexual experience.

RUGOSA ROSE For vitality, passion and living life from the heart.

SAINT JOHN'S WORT Helps release known and unknown fears and create strong personal boundaries when feeling vulnerable, especially during the process of change.

SALVIA For maintaining stability during emergencies and times of extreme stress.

SELF HEAL (also in Well Being I Set) For returning the self to the seat of power, especially when there has been a tendency to give one's power to others. Helps to clear illusions of powerlessness and victim consciousness. Fosters healing on all levels.

SHINING ROSE For moving through anguish and sorrow to a place of peace.

SIBERIAN IRIS (also in Expansion I Set and part of ‘Iris‘ combination in Prosperity Set) For strength, stabilization and protection while integrating a transformational process or experience. Eases the feeling of vulnerability that we often feel while our energy system is adjusting to a new and unfamiliar state of openness and expansion.

SNAPDRAGON Assists in balancing the flow of energy entering through the crown chakra, which helps alleviate pressure buildup in the head. Can be beneficial for mouth and jaw problems.

SNOWDROP For letting go of old patterns and releasing fear which leads to lighter and more joyful living.

SPIDERWORT "Attitude adjustment". Use when there is a need to clear one's system of negativity and psychological toxins. Aligns body, mind and spirit which helps bring perspectives to their highest truth.

STAR OF BETHLEHEM For shock and emergencies. Helps clear trauma from the cellular memory and energy system which clears the way for new beginnings and rebirth. Assists us in seeing the spiritual meaning of a crisis.

STELLARIA (also in Expansion II Set) Brings an infusion of White Light into the physical body and energy field. Helps us shift our identity from human limitations, conflict and struggle to a place of pure, expanded peace.

STINGING NETTLE Eases emotional stress brought on by family upheaval and changing geographic locations.

STRAWBERRY For healing feelings of guilt, unworthiness, and self-reproach. Ushers in Self Love.

SUNDROPS Helps dissolve the dark clouds of depression and bring in vital life energy. Can be helpful for seasonal depression due to light deprivation.

SUNFLOWER (also in Well Being II Set) Radiant expression of Self as God. Brings distortions of male energy into balance and helps heal father wounds.

SWAMP ROSE Helps to release old wounds and pains of the past to Unconditional Love.

SWEETBRIAR ROSE (also in Expansion II Set) For balance on all levels, especially emotional balance. Loosens embedded grief and other suppressed emotions so they can be processed and released. Supports the heart in opening more fully.

TANSY Helps break up inertia and chronic energetic shutdown, which may be a pattern established in childhood to cope with an abusive or chaotic environment.
Stimulates motivation and the will to participate in life.

TIGER LILY Introduces feminine energy where it is needed. Helps to neutralize aggression and competition by bringing in the energies of harmony and cooperation.

THISTLE For clear, self-loving boundaries. Helpful for issues of co-dependency.

TOMATO For clearing and cleansing. Useful when there is a blockage, an invading organism or long-standing condition that you wish to break up and release.

TRUMPET LILY Brings help in accessing the powerful energy currents associated with sexual expression. Especially helpful when sexuality has been judged as impure or unspiritual, or when there is shutdown due to violation and abuse. An excellent healing aid for women's reproductive systems.

WATER LILY (also in Sexual Healing Set) For flowing with the ebbs and flows of life while staying firmly connected to one's Divinity. Also for accessing the transmuting power of sexual energy and sharing in sacred sexual union. Activates kundalini energy.

WHITE VIOLET (also in Well Being I Set) Helps to clear guilt, shame, and the illusion of unworthiness. Helps us see that there is a higher purpose to everything and accept the truth that everyone is innocent in the eyes of God.

WILD AZALEA (also in Prosperity Set) Addresses the fear of expansion by bringing in the energy of joy, exuberance, and lightness of spirit. Rekindles the wisdom of the child who flows with life and trusts that all things needed and desired will come with ease.

WILD GINGER (also in Sexual Healing Set) For embodying the feminine and reinstating it to it’s rightful place of loving power in the sexual organs. For assistance in clearing from the physical body the residue of misogyny and distrust of women’s sexuality.

WILD THYME Clears the mind, enhances mental acuity and improves ability to assimilate information. Assists us in improving our relationship with time. Enhances other essences when used in combinations.

WILD WHITE BLEEDING HEART (also in Well Being I Set - used in combination with ‘Bleeding Heart’) For processing and clearing grief that is so deep that one may believe they will never feel joy again. Helps to loosen grief’s hold on the heart so that the sweetness of life can return.

WOOD SORREL (also in Prosperity Set) Centers us in the heart. Supports us in keeping our vibrational offering pure and on track with what we want to create, so that we are not sabotaged by the conflicting beliefs of our egos.

YARROW A great protector on a physical, mental, emotional and psychic level. Can be used to protect us from toxic environments and psychic attacks. It strengthens the energy field so that one is more resistant to invasion of any kind. Many with allergies find yarrow helpful.

YELLOW POND LILY (also in Prosperity Set) Awakens the thymus, a gland within the physical body through which Divine inspiration enters. Aligns self will with Divine will and initiates a new cycle of living more fully as a spiritual being while still living in a physical body. Brings resurgence, rebirth, and renewal to the body, mind and spirit.

YELLOW ROCKET (also in Prosperity Set) Helps us reorient ourselves from the illusion of scarcity toward the truth of infinite supply. Assists us in staying aligned and flowing with the Divine energy stream, from which all things manifest.

ZINNIA For cultivating joy, playfulness and a sense of humor. Use when there is a need to open the windows of delight in the everyday life.

ZUCCHINI Helps restore energy and vitality after an illness. Also a tonic and balancer for the reproductive systems of both men and women.

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