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Our animal companions give to us and help us heal in countless ways. They love us unconditionally; they channel healing energy to us when we are in need; they embody and emanate Divine Energy (as long as their survival needs are cared for); they mirror lessons to us that we must learn; and they often absorb our suffering and distress in order to channel it away from us and help us clear it. They have lovingly and selflessly taken on a complex task in their willingness to serve.

It goes without saying that we must make certain that all their basic needs are well-met. And we can go further; we can offer them the healing energy of flower essences. Essences can assist them in remaining balanced while they live their process in a complex world and can help them clear distress that they have taken on from us.

All flower essences are appropriate for animals. Sometimes people and their pets need the same essences. It is important to be aware of the empathetic connection between people and their animals so we realize that when we are experiencing distress, our animals are likely experiencing it too. Sometimes it is necessary to test an animal for essences by dowsing or by doing a surrogate kinesiology test. Sometimes one or more of the combinations or single essences listed below is the best approach. A drop or two of flower essence in their water can make a world of difference.

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The following combinations were formulated
for common states and conditions experienced by animals.

ANIMAL CRISIS - For emergencies, accidents or any situation where there is an immediate need to calm and stabilize an animal.

CRITTER CALM - For use in situations which are stressful for many animals such as when sick, injured, traumatized, going to the vet, traveling or during thunderstorms. Also helpful when there is an upset in the home, when having human or animal visitors, or when there is a general need for calming.

DOGGY DEW - Calming for dogs (or other animals) who tend to be anxiety-prone, high-strung, manic, obsessive, and fearful (especially of new situations). They may exhibit a high degree of insecurity and desire a great deal of attention.

HARMONY - For situations where animals must live with, or be in the presence of, other animals with whom they are not harmonious. There may be competition, jealousy, dominance struggles or other issues that cause withdrawal, tension or fighting. All involved animals should take the essence.

MOUTHY DOG - For all types of oral habits including chewing, obsessive licking, sucking, and sometimes biting and barking. If the situation is extreme, try coupling this essence with other essences such as DOGGY DEW, CRITTER CALM or MILKWEED.

PROTECTION - For animals who tend to react to outside stimuli with fear. They may withdraw, cower or act defensively in the presence of people, other animals, or loud noises. Extremely helpful for animals who are being bullied or dominated by other animals.

SEPARATION ANXIETY - For animals who have a difficult time being separated from their people during working hours, trips, vet or kennel stays, et cetera. Excellent for abandonment and dependency issues. Very helpful when animals are lonely or grieving the loss of human or animal friends.

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Although all essences are appropriate for animals, the following essences cover some of the most common conditions. It is always helpful and informative to explore the connection between the animal's state and the state of the environment in which it lives. Balancing the environment will greatly assist the animal.

BLEEDING HEART - For animals who were abused or abandoned and are consequently unable to trust. Helpful when an animal has experienced the loss of a beloved human or animal friend or when animals are overly attached to their people and seemingly fearful of being abandoned.

BORAGE - For sluggishness, heavy-heartedness, and depression. Helpful for animals who need their spirits lifted. Can assist in re-stimulating the will to live in sick or injured animals.

HOLLY - For sweetening the temperament of animals who tend to be hostile or irritable. Helpful in situations where jealousy causes an animal to vie with another animal for the caretakerís attention. Give it to all animals involved.

MILKWEED - Helps interrupt obsessive behavior patterns in animals such as chasing tails or compulsively wanting balls or sticks thrown for them. Best when used with something for stress such as ANIMAL CRISIS or CRITTER CALM.

MORNING GLORY - For helping tense animals relax. If there has been abuse, also give them PROTECTION, ANIMAL CRISIS, CRITTER CALM and/or BLEEDING HEART. If animals must live together in stressful conditions, bring balance by giving HARMONY to all animals involved.

MOTHERWORT - Helpful for orphaned animals or animals taken away from their mothers too soon. May want to use with BLEEDING HEART or SEPARATION ANXIETY.

SELF HEAL - A powerful support for any convalescing or recuperating animal. Helps with all stages of the healing process.

TIGER LILY - Helps to temper aggression when animals are easily aroused. Best when used with something for fear such as ANIMAL CRISIS or CRITTER CALM.

VERVAIN - Calming for hyperactive animals who tend to be tense, and sometimes intense. May want to use with MORNING GLORY or DOGGY DEW.

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Begin by putting 1-5 drops of essence in the daily change of water, depending on the size of the animal. As an alternative, it may be put in the animalís food, but the dose should be increased to 2-10 drops 2 times per day. Increase the dosage if you feel there is a need. Flower essences are non-toxic.

In extreme situations, give the dosage several times per day in water, milk, broth or directly into the mouth. Be sure not to touch the dropper to the animalís mouth or to anything else. If by accident you do, wipe it with a clean, wet paper towel and then rinse it thoroughly in HOT water before reinserting it into the bottle. Essences are vibrational preparations and need to be kept very pure.

In situations where it is impossible to administer an essence orally, put a few drops on the animalís nose or head with the dropper or put several drops into a clean spritz bottle and gently spray the animal.

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