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How Flower Essences Work

Flower essences bring the perfectly-balanced energy of Nature into our bodies and energy systems. Since Nature is Divine expression in form, and flowers are an expression of the Divinity within Nature, their essence holds the pure vibration of peace, harmony, joy, balance and unconditional love. It is this Divine vibration in itís various frequencies that is the dynamic force within Flower Essences.

A Flower essence is a clear imprint of the vibrational pattern and life force of a specific flower, infused in pure water using the transmitting power of sunlight. Since water has "memory", like a quartz crystal, when essences are properly prepared and preserved, they hold the vibrational pattern of a flower íin trustí so that it may be used when itís unique vibration is needed.

When a Flower Essence is taken orally or sprayed into the energy field, it releases this perfectly balanced, dynamic life force into the physical and energy bodies. As the energy of the essence is introduced, it pulsates and flows in waves and is picked up by the appropriate energy currents and carried to wherever it is needed. An essence can help us in the process of clearing energetic blockage and stagnation; aligning what is out of alignment; re-ordering energy that has become chaotic; re-balancing what has become unbalanced; energizing what has become de-energized; and connecting what has become dis--connected.


The life force held within a Flower Essence seeks to clear, repair and align the interrelated energy systems so that balance, well-being, integration and vitality on all levels are restored. They also act as an "ordering principle" and can pull distorted or chaotic energy into resonance in much the same way a tuning fork can cause another tuning fork to hum in resonance. In the case of flower essences, the chaos surrenders to the higher order.

Since in the deepest part of our being, we all long to "vibrate" in resonanceí with our own Divinity, it stands to reason that the more we strike the "Divine tuning fork", the more likely it is for that vibration to penetrate us and awaken the Divinity within. Another way to say it is, where Divine order is re-established, chaos cannot reign. As we each heal ourselves and realign with Truth and Love, we can flow again with the loving and creative energy of Source, and our lives, and ultimately our world, will transform.




Although our bodies appear to be solid, in reality we are made up of inter-related systems of flowing energy that extend through and beyond our bodies and unite with the Universal Energy Field, of which we are all a part. This complex system is in constant flow and flux in response to our emotions, our environment, and our beliefs.

If our system is out of balance, we may find ourselves in varying degrees of discomfort, contraction, and stress, and perhaps in a state of physical illness. If our system is predominantly in balance, we can flow with life, process and clear issues as they surface, and experience an overall state of well-being. With the complexity of life at this time, maintaining balance is challenging for most of us, yet vitally important to our well-being.



The following is a brief explanation of the energetic systems that work together:


Energetic Blueprint or Grid ~ The energetic foundation upon which our physical body is built.

Chakras ~ Energy vortices that bring Universal Energy or life force into the physical body.

Meridians ~ Energy pathways that bring life force into the body and transport it throughout. The meridians connect to every organ as well as all the body systems such as the circulatory, digestive etc.

Aura ~ An egg-shaped, mult-layered and multi--colored field of energy which permeates, surrounds and protects the physical body. It helps to create a sense of individuation within the Universal Energy of which we are all part.

Strange Flows ~ Energy that moves freely throughout the body in response to the body's needs. Helps keep all the other energies working together and in balance.

Connecting Spiral ~ Weaves our energetic systems together. It follows the pattern of the double helix found in DNA, although it is large enough to encompass the entire physical body.


When there is a break, disruption, blockage, impedance, dis-connection, dis-integration or scrambling in any of the energy systems, there is a need to clear and re-connect the energy and re-establish flow. Everything we feel and think in the present, every memory we hold from the past and each belief we hold about ourselves, others, the world and the Universe affects our energy. As we correct energetic disruptions and re-establish flow, our feelings, beliefs and ultimately our consciousness change as well.

Flower essences can be of great assistance in this process; and it is not necessary to know specifically where the problem in our energy is in order to receive their benefits. There are ways to test for flower essences appropriate for any condition or situation and this will be discussed in the HOW TO USE AND CHOOSE section.

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