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We now offer the following:


We offer 6 sets of essences which address issues of daily living, emotional healing and spiritual growth. They include Well Being I, Well Being II, Expansion I, Expansion II, Sexual Healing and Prosperity. The sets help to simplify and organize the process of putting a collection of essences together that address a complete range of issues.


We have 2 sets of essences, a set of sprays and a set of drops, inspired by the Integrated Energy Therapy® system. Although created with Integrated Energy Therapy in mind, they are excellent for use with any body or energy work and are exceptional for self healing.

THE COMBINATIONS We offer 15 combination essences addressing universal issues. These essences are intended to simplify matters for those who want fewer choices, yet want to have flower essences readily available for a wide range of life situations. For example, the Crisis combination is a universal emergency solution.


ESSENCES FOR ANIMALS There are single and combination essences specifically formulated for animals which offer support and assistance to our animal companions. (Many of the single essences, some combinations, and the IET Sprays are also appropriate for use with animals, including wild animals requiring rehabilitation or assistance.)

200 SINGLE ESSENCES: We also have over 200 single essences available for those who want the widest possible range of essences to choose from.Although we use some cultivated flowers, most of our essences are made from native wildflowers or flowers that have escaped from cultivation and now grow in the wild. We also make essences from some gemstones and the flowers of trees.

Everything we do is in conscious cooperation with Nature. We work within a very balanced energetic structure that resembles a fluorite crystal, two 4-sided pyramids joined at the base. The point of one pyramid extends into the heavens and the point of the other extends deep into the core of the Earth. The 4 corners are at ground level and in each corner is an angel or guide, nature spirit, deva or group of guides, that assists in the process of grounding the Divine Nature of the flower into the essence. This structure helps to create a perfect blending of physical and non-physical energy.

Our essences are made in the traditional way using the sunlight and pure water method. We always ask the Deva of the flower being essenced to assist in the transference of the vibration of the flower into the water. Assistance is always joyfully given. Very few blossoms are needed to make a substantial amount of essence so the integrity of the plant colonies is never disrupted. Most wildflowers grow in profusion and there is constant communication and guidance as to which blossoms to use to create the essence.

When making essences from rare or endangered flowers, we never remove them from their stems. In such cases, a bowl of water is placed beneath the flower so that the flower touches the surface of the water. The bowl is left for the required amount of time, absorbing and grounding the vibrational pattern of the flower. In this way an essence, such as Ladyís Slipper essence, can be created with the help of the devas without removing a single flower, or leaving a trace.


We amplify and stabilize our essences under a copper pyramid, within the energetic fluorite-like structure previously described. We preserve our essences in brandy or white distilled vinegar. Both our brandy and our vinegar are purified with crystals under a copper pyramid for 1-3 days. Once they are cleared and their vibration is raised, they are ready to receive the essence.

Since all participating energies, physical and non-physical, acknowledge that we are fulfilling a purpose together, we share a prayer during the creation of an essence that goes something like this: May this essence serve the highest purpose of humanity, may it serve the highest purpose of Nature and all beings within Nature, and may it serve the Divine Plan..



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