Catskill Mountain Flower Essences



OUR INTENTION in creating Catskill Mountain Flower Essences is to provide a gentle, precise and efficient means to support and assist each of us during the Great Awakening that we are undergoing on our planet at this time. We are being called to see beyond the illusions of the world and awaken to a Greater Reality. This includes moving beyond our limited perceptions of ourselves and coming fully into the unique expression of who we really are, manifestations of God in physical form with creative abilities far beyond our current awareness.

In order to be who, in truth, we already are, we must clear away all that holds us in a perception of limitation and heal that within our own consciousness that is not in alignment with our greater knowing. Since the world is the sum total of all that we collectively hold in consciousness, as each of us comes closer to our personal awakening, the whole is lifted.

Flower essences offer profound assistance in this process. They vibrate at a frequency that helps balance us while we are going through change and transition; align and order our energy systems; release emotional pain within the energy body and cellular memory; dis-integrate illusions and harmful thoughtforms; and relieve both immediate and chronic stress on many levels. This leads to a balancing, clearing and alignment of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual consciousness, bringing about a greater sense of well-being and increasing our experience of Love and connection to our True Selves.


Day Lily

Although it appears that the world is plummeting deeper and deeper into darkness, the extreme times we are living in hold the potential for great transformation. As the polarities of Love and fear (Truth and illusion, Light and dark) become more and more extreme, it is becoming increasingly obvious that Love generates peace, joy, harmony, expansion and balance, while fear generates pain, conflict, separation and contraction. When the polarities and their inevitable consequences are seen, it presents an opportunity for each of us as individuals to make the choice and commitment to align our own consciousness with Love, and God.

It is our greatest wish to assist and support those who wish to make this choice which initiates a process. As each of us transforms our pain, fear and conflict into Love, we bring creativity, joy and expansiveness into our lives and peace into our world. According to Angelic guidance, we humans are choosing Love at a rate much greater than ever before in human history.

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